Egg white flax pizza

Posted On July 10, 2010

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Made this for my kids as  a snack.  Already got them on the road to healthy eating 😉  I actually ended up rolling this up and cutting it into little “rolls”  Much easier to eat that way 🙂  They begged for more!!  Even their friend who was over asked for this recipe!!  ( I love this kid…he is a budding chef! )

2 egg whites

1 tbls ground flax seed

garlic powder, salt, pepper to taste ( I sprinkle)

Sauce of your choice

Cheese of your choice

Beat all ingredients (except sauce and cheese).  Pour into heated skillet sprayed with non stick spray (or drizzled with olive oil).

Cook on one side and flip (should look like a “pancake or crepe”)

Once cooked, add sauce and cheese.  (I turn off heat and cover for a few minutes to let the sauce and cheese warm up)


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