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Posted On July 10, 2010

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Marinades and Rubs:

I eat a lot of chicken.  I mean a lot!  It is not uncommon for me to go thru 5 lbs in several days. 

It is easy to get bored with plain chicken, so I am always looking for ways to “spice it up”  (no pun intended :p )  Marinades and Rubs are a great way to keep yummy chicken from being “oh no, not more chicken”.  However, many marinades/rubs can be filled with sugar, fat and sodium.  I like to keep it simple and avoid these things.

Some of my favorites:

lemon juice and pepper

lemon juice, bragg aminos (or low sodium soy), garlic, and ginger

mustard, splenda and garlic

Hot sauce!!!  😀

Red wine vinegar and garlic

Rosemary, pepper, garlic and lemon

Mrs. Dash

Low Sodium Taco Spice

variations on the above

….and the list goes on!

Anyone care to add to this list?


4 Responses to “Tip #1”

  1. Chef Dennis

    I have always been a fan of Teriyaki Glazed chicken, old bay chicken is very good, and of course montreal chicken seasoning!

  2. fitnesscook

    Yum! Thanks Chef Dennis! How could I forget those?

  3. april

    Mmm chicken!! I thought I was the only crazy person who can eat it plain for a snack! But I do love dipping it in Braggs, Mustard, Hot sauce, and even peanut butter!

  4. fitnesscook

    April…amazing how creative we become, huh? When on the go, I just cut it into pieces, throw it into a tupperware container w/ frozen veggies and eat later (veggies keep it cold until eating time…no need for a cooler). I think I may turn into a chicken at some point 😉

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