Fish Tortilla

Posted On July 11, 2010

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Going thru some of my recipes and came across an oldie but a favorite.  Don’t know why I haven’t made these in so long. I think these will be on tomorrow menu for sure!

For the “tortillas” (Makes 2)

4 egg whites

.5 TBL of ground flax seed

sprinkling of taco seasoning

Beat all the ingredients.  Pour half into heated 8-9″ frying pan sprayed with non-stick spray.  Cook on one side, flip and repeat with rest of egg mixture. 


approx 6 oz white fish (I like to use cod)

1/2 TBS low sodium fish taco seasoning (or just regular taco seasoning if you can’t find fish taco seasoning)

1/4 cup finely shredded cabbage


Coat fish with taco seasoning and put into a med-high skillet (sprayed with non stick cooking spray).  Cook until lightly browned. 

Place fish on “tortilla”.   Top with cabbage and salsa. (also great to add some fresh chopped cilantro) Fold over and eat!


One Response to “Fish Tortilla”

  1. april

    Ohhh great idea!! I love the idea of the “tortilla”.. bookmarking this one!

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