Bring on vacation!

Posted On July 13, 2010

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I am headed out-of-town tomorrow.   Going back to my eastern roots.  Been busy packing, cooking and all that good stuff. I may be gone for a couple of days from my blog, but I will be back in a few!!  My entire trip is 6 weeks.  It will be filled with family and fun!

Airline travel is the worst. I am not a fan…period.  Eating can be a nightmare.  Airports are filled with fast food and forget about airline food.  Even the “healthy stuff” is usually laden with fat and processed stuff. 

I always pack my own food when traveling.  Tomorrows goodies include a few protein muffins, protein “brownies”, packs of salmon, packs of tuna. And lots of napkins because I am a messy eater!  I pack the same for the boys.  They pretty much eat most of what I do….although they are not opposed to eating other chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, pizza and pasta 😉

I can’t wait until they allow fliers to bring their own water on board.  I usually spend $20-30 alone on water.  (not including water for my sons).  I drink a lot. I drink even more when I fly!  It is so important to stay hydrated while you fly.  Makes for a lot of trips to the lovely airplane bathroom, but worth it to not feel or get ill.   I always sit in an aisle seat just for that reason. A girl has got to plan 😀

My day will be starting early.  I am tired tonight and need to  finish some last-minute packing, so I am making this short.

  I am ready and prepared to have the best trip ever!


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