Finally Here!

Posted On July 15, 2010

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Well I finally made it across the country and to my final destination. It was not a trip with out a few hiccups!  The important thing is that we made it safely!! 

I was supposed to fly my doggies back with us, but get to the airport and was told that they couldn’t fly b/c I failed to have a certificate of acclimation.  I had contacted the airlines prior to flying to make sure I had everything.  They sent me a list and that was not on it!    Not a good way to start the trip.   

So I got a frantic call out and thank goodness one of my friends came to my rescue!  Joel you are my hero!  He is going to “doggie sit” fo the next 6 weeks for me!

My oldest son is a real nervous flyer and throws up once we get seated every single time we fly.  This time was no exception 😉

After a very long day, we made it…I am now in NY at my parents house.  I am tired and ready to rest!

I will be posting more recipes soon once I get situated.  Got my wheels turning for some good ones  that I can’t wait to share!!


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