Posted On July 22, 2010

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Had an awesome wo this morning!  I have noticed a slight decrease in my energy and stamina (and fullness) since I haven’t taken DoubleT Sports Glutacene.  This stuff is amazing and I can’t wait for my stock to be replenished!!!  I also noticed some soreness today for the first time since taking it.

So, got to the gym, hit up 30 min stepper

Pyramid most of the weights (still not logging weights till I get back home to Cali)

Chest Press (M)

12 10 6 8 10

Pec Dec

10 8 6 8 10

Incline Press (HS)

15 12 10 12 15

Tri Push Down (lat machine)

10 8 6 8 10

Bench Dips

15 15 15 15

OH Tri Ext

12 12 12 12

Decline Pushups

20 20 20

Hanging leg raises

15 15 15 15

30 min HIIT (yuck!!!)

Felt like a great workout!!  Tired, but energized at the end!!


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