Posted On July 26, 2010

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Energy level this morning was in the toilet! Somehow I managed to kick it into high gear, and get it done. I did run out of steam before my wo, so I cut it a little short. My brain and body were having an arguement about this and my body won.

Just exhausted today, but we all are, so I think it must be the crazy weekend we had.

Can’t wait to get my Glutacene! I really could have used it today.

45 min stepper
20 min HIIT

Unilateral leg ext
12 12 12 11/leg

Standing single leg curl
10 10 9 9 /leg

Single leg press
15 15 15 15/leg

Plie leg Press
25 25 25 25

Glute ham roll ins
didn’t count…4 sets to failure

some abs…and I was done…D-O-N-E!!


4 Responses to “Legs”

  1. edenseats

    sounds like your legs are gonna be sore…do you live in LA? i do to! where do you workout?

  2. fitnesscook

    Good morning! I actually live down in SD county! We are practically neighbors 😀 I am currently in NY until the end of August. When back in Cali I work out at 24 hr. How about you?

  3. edenseats

    I work out at equinox, pricy but i think a good investment, let me know when your back! would love a blogger meetup!

    • fitnesscook

      That would be fun! I really only have 24 here…5 min from my house, so it is perfect 😉 Has what I need 🙂

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