Chocolate Pudding Pie


2 egg whites — room temperature
1/4 tsp cream of tartar
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 cup splenda

In a large bowl, beat egg whites, cream of tartar, and salt until soft peaks form. Add vanilla, and slowly beat in splenda until very stiff and glossy. Spread mixture into a 9″ -230mm pie plate to form a shell. Bake at 300 F  for 50 minutes. Turn oven off, and leave meringue in oven for 1 hour. Cool. NOTE: If you’re using it for a shortcake base, when you take it out of the oven after the 1 hour cooling, put it on a cooling rack to finish cooling. That’ll give you the most crunch. 


2.1 oz package JELL-O sugar/fat free chocolate pudding
1.5 cups milk
1.5 cups water (use less for thicker pudding)
4-5 scoops whey (more for thicker pudding)

Mix all ingredients except pudding (I like to put this in a blender).  Pour into a bowl and whisk the jello in.  Pour into cooled “pie crust”Add some real whip cream on top if you want 🙂

I like to whip up some real whip cream…no sugar, just some vanilla extract and sprinkle some unsweetened cocoa on top too.  My boys love this!!



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