Posted On August 6, 2010

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This is so good…and can be used pre-contest!
2 to 3 scoops protein powder of your choice
1 teaspoon sugar free instant butterscotch pudding mix (or any sf  pudding of your choice)
2 TBS  nut butter: ie Peanut butter, macadamia, cashew, almond, walnut, etc…
1 TBS sugar free Maple syrup

Optional:  1 slightly rounded TBS Cool Whip

Combine all ingredients in bowl.  Add small amounts of water at a time, blending with a wire wisk, until you get the desired consistency. (Using the wisk makes the pudding more fluffy and creamy tasting.)


2 Responses to “Pudding”

  1. Erica @ ericaunmasked.blogspot.com

    LOOKS YUMMY. how many servings is this?

  2. fitnesscook

    Depending on your “needs”, 1-2. Usually 2 for me 🙂

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