Leg day

Posted On August 28, 2010

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Great wo this morning! Day 3 of this cutting workout and it is kicking my butt!
All sets are ss w/ no rest b/t sets or reps… only rest b/t exercises (groups)

leg press
180 x 12 12 12 12
70 x 10 10 10 10


80 x 12 12 12
s/s bulgarian split squats
50 x 10 10 8 /leg


walking lunges
50 x 12 12 12/leg
jump squats
3 x 10 8 8


leg ext 150 x 10 8
then 2 drop sets

leg curl
4 drop sets…starting a 75

45 min cardio pre
20 min HIIT post

high carb day….refeed day Really haven’t had one in 6 weeks! Had to talk myself into it. Stomach is waaaay bloated today and kind of feeling “off”.


3 Responses to “Leg day”

  1. phoebe

    A high carb day always leaves me feeling bloated and moody, because I hate feeling bloated! I love protein!!!

    • fitnesscook

      Me too! I really don’t like carbs. Do you do high carb days?

      • phoebe

        Actually my diet is a bit weird!

        My breakfast is full of protein (hard boiled egg and protein shake), my snacks at work are all protein (April’s protein cake and April’s cookie dough) and then when I go home I usually have egg white omelette or tuna salad or chicken breast (protein (!) you get the idea) and gor carbs some fruit and veggies. But I do have a sweet tooth so if there is temptation in the house it’s like: Houston … we have a problem! lol

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