Posted On September 2, 2010

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Leg Day!!

Woke up at 4 am…no particular reason. Glad I did though

Yesterdays “refeed” was successful…although I think I could have gone a little higher in carbs. My energy was great this morning and I had no bloat. Looking fuller, but still a tad depleted.

Went and did 20 min on the stepmill

Came home, ate, got the boys off to school and back to the gym.

Supersetting….same style. (for some reason my LB was acting quirky again, so I didn’t go too heavy)

Leg ext
135 x 10 8 8 9
Bulg lunges
50 x 12 12 12 12 /leg

Seated leg curl
90 x 12 12 11 10
50 x 15 13 12 12 (held at bottom for 5 sec)

Leg press
90 x 20 20 19 18
DB squats
25’s x 15 15 15 15

Jump squats
3 x 15
glute/ham ball rolls (these always give me a great burn!!)
3 x 12 12 13
3 x 50

20 min SS bike

Home…and heading back out!

…on a side note…added almond milk to my diet…YUM!!!


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