Bis and Tris

Posted On September 3, 2010

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Woke up looking pretty tight and lean this morning. Still a bit depleted though. Tomorrow is a rest day and then Sunday will be another “refeed” day my style 😉

Had someone as me if I was competing soon…told him no…he told me I should b/c I am ready.  GREAT motivator!!


25 min bike…fasted.  100 +rpm

came home ate…kids off to school.  The usual routine 😉

Cable preachers

45 x 12 10 10


cable rope push down

50 x 10 10 9

lying bi curls

40 x 8 8 7


OH cable tri ext

45 x 12 10 10

Incline DB

20’s x 10 10 10



35 x 8 8 8

DB Curls

20’s x 12 10 8


bench dips

25 x 15 15 15

200 crunches total

20 more min bike…SS

Ran lots of errands today.  Caught up on the phone w/ the Dr I used to work for.  He is going thru a lot (similiar to my situation) and we had a good chat.  Such a nice guy….feel bad for him. 

Did a big shop at the local whole foods store.  I love that place. Got a ton of bulk goods and veggies…DIRT cheap!  ….and a new basil plant 🙂

No plans for the weekend…boys are supposed to go with their father for a big 2 hours tonight.. He is already almost 30 min late.  Same ol story…every single time.  My “log” gets thicker and thicker…

I am feeling a bit tired tonight.  Been sleeping great, but just been on the go go go!!

Got an email for another interview next week…something, something something has to turn up!!! Oh well, until it does, I will enjoy the xtra free time 😀

Hope everyone has a safe, healthy, happy, fun weekend!!!


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