Chicken “Slaw”

Posted On September 9, 2010

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I am a BIG cabbage fan!  I probably eat waaaaay more of it than I should.  This recipe is great to take on the go 🙂

diced chicken (cooked)

pre-shredded cabbage mix

lemon juice to taste (I love lemon, so I use a lot)

Rice vinegar to taste

Pepper, ginger and garlic to taste

Mix spices and seasonings. Pour over chicken.  Throw in a container and go 🙂


8 Responses to “Chicken “Slaw””

  1. april

    I’m a cabbage freak too!! Looks like this will be lunch tomorrow 😛

  2. Mary Beth

    Cabbage freak here too!! I use coleslaw mix as the ‘base’ for most of my lunch salads. Ever try roasting red or green cabbage with cinnamon?? It’s SUPER 🙂 I can eat 2lbs at a time or more!

  3. fitnesscook

    MaryBeth 🙂 Cabbage eaters unite! 😀 I love roasted cabbage. I actually make a pancake “thingy” with cabbage, egg whites, cinnamon and a bit of sweetner. YUMMMMOOOOO!

    Do you have a preference for red or green? I also love the oriental cabbages!

  4. Mary Beth

    Is your pancake recipe posted here?? I have to look! That sounds awesome. I love red the best for it’s sweetness, but love bok choy and napa too!

    • fitnesscook

      Not yet :). I will have to get that one up soon 😉

      Just bought more cabbage! Allllll kinds! Let the cabbage feast begin!!!

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  5. Mary Beth

    DO post that pancake recipe…drooling and waiting!! 🙂 Enjoy your cabbage–I’ll be restocking today!

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