Posted On September 15, 2010

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Although I was moving slow, it felt great to sweat and get a small wo in.   It felt wonderful to get in the gym!  Even though it was not one of my better wo’s, I will take it!!! 

45 min bike


 Kept it light and short.

FM chest press 50x 6 6 40 x 10 10 35 x 15

 FM flye 30 x 6 6 20 x 10 10 15 x 15

Incline db press 17.5s x 15 15 15 15 Ss Incline flyes 17.5s x 8 8 8 8

Lots of stretching and foam rolling. Felt a small “pop” in my lb..brought a bit of relief. Going to try to move around more today.


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