Im Back in Action!

Posted On September 18, 2010

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It felt great to be able to lift again!   I used extreme caution and let my back be my guide :

Back to the beginning of the 12 week program

Machine shoulder press
60 x 6 6
40 x 10 8
30 x 12

Lat raise (m)
40 x 8 8
30 x 10 10
20 x 12

Front raise
10’s x 12 12 14 12 12

Rev pec
60 x 7 5
45 x 12 11
30 x 15

Upright row…went very lite.  Back caution 😉
30 x 15 15 15

Did a few crunches, but opted to stop b/c felt discomfort in LB

30 min  elliptical
15 min bike

Got my glutacene and betacene this week.  First time taking betacene this morning.  Wow, did I feel the niacin flush in my ears!  Great wo and loads of energy this morning!!  So glad to have the gluatcene back in my arsenal 😀


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