Posted On September 28, 2010

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Came across this today…ground beef in a can. ICK!  This ranks right up there with fried butter! …although I think I would eat fried butter before I ate this!

“The next time you’re pressed for time, reach into your pantry for this all-natural ground beef in a can and whip up tacos, meat sauce, sloppy Joes. Just open the can and it’s ready, fully cooked, no need to brown. The low-fat ground beef is 100% U.S. farm-raised and packed in natural juices right here in the States, too. With no preservatives, additives, or colorings of any kind, this is all-natural convenience at its best! 1.75 lbs. Per can.”


One Response to “Gross!”

  1. joan

    Oh my! My stomach just turned inside out…Uuuuck!
    Never Ever Never!

    I am with ya on eating fried butter before this crud…lol….Of course I would prolly puke it up afterwards. Ha!

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