Strawberry Whey “Brownie” Bowl

Didn’t really know what to call this, so Strawberry Whey Bowl it is 🙂  The base is a whey/egg white brownie type “thing” and I topped it with strawberries, chocolate whey sauce and almonds.


2 egg whites

1 scoop vanilla whey (cake batter and banana might be good here too)

guar gum to thicken

sweetener to taste

Chocolate Whey Sauce

1 scoop of chocolate whey

hot water

unsweetened cocoa (depends on how chocolatey you like it)

sweetener to taste


chopped almonds

sliced strawberries

Whip egg whites and guar gum (use guar sparingly. It will taste horrible if you don’t)till stiff, add whey and sweetener.  (mixture will become a bit runny).  Pour into a microwave safe bowl and cook for approx 1 min( dont over cook or it will be rubbery)

To make chocolate sauce. Mix together the dry ingredients.  Add hot h20 a little bit at a time until the consistency of syrup.

Put strawberries and chocolate sauce on whey “brownie”.  Top with chopped almonds or other chopped nuts..or not 🙂


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